Citrus Honey with Sea Salt


Sweet and salty – this twist on the classic salted caramel will send your taste buds into a spin. Together with the freshness of orange and lime, enjoy this product with a sweet or savoury dish.  Drizzle it over feta cheese and chilli flakes on sourdough, use it as a glaze on any meat or simply add it to vanilla ice cream. Bon appetit! 



Serving suggestions

  • Serve with feta cheese, chilli flakes on sourdough bread
  • Glazed any meat from Chicken, Lamb, or Ham
  • Fruit salad natural yoghurt and drizzle with honey
  • Chicken wings in hot oven (you get the burn citrus caramelised crispy skin)
  • Honeyed roasted carrots


Pure Australian honey, orange rind, organic sea salt (<0.5%).