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Chopped and Served - The Autobiography of David Bitton


“For those looking for inspiration and striving to make a change in their life, I want them to believe that anything is possible and that the impossible is only temporary. Whatever your experience, the sooner you own it, the sooner you will grow from it. Life will knock you about, people will push you to your limits, but it’s up to you to get up, keep walking and acknowledge your self-worth.”

David Bitton is a Chef, Entrepreneur, Author and family man.

This is a story about healing and transformation. David’s raw, honest and unedited memoir will take you on an inspiring journey from his own dysfunctional childhood through to a life of purpose. Hre's what people ar saying about David's book:

"David Bitton’s Chopped and Served is an extraordinary and moving story of resilience, determination, and the power of love. Told with raw honesty and passion, David’s often confronting account of his abuse as a child and his struggle for survival in the violent slums of Paris reveal a side of the successful Sydney chef and businessman that many of his customers would never have known. Details of how he emerged from his grueling childhood and youth, and how he embraced the power of forgiveness - ultimately finding a home, a family and a new life in Australia - is a remarkable and truly inspiring story." Peter Charli

"Firstly, I would like to thank you for your forthcoming stories and history, it is an admirable thing that you do, I, being a few years older than yourself, haven’t quite achieved as much as you have ,I have always aspired to people like yourself, as you strive for excellence, not necessarily perfection, humour and an unparrallell spirit for what you do, it was more of a motivational social, which I truly enjoyed and took in, I thank you and live with the continual process of pushing forward as you have done  and still continue to do ,in the hope to leave a legacy to the ones you love and leave behind. Thank you once again, truly a remarkable read."  John. October 2019

"Chopped and served is a slice of a life that is a testament to taking risks and pushing beyond your comfort zone. David shows how being able to forgive others can lead to your own freedom and  how genuine passion and enthusiasm can break through stone. David's love for his wife and children is gratifying and demonstrates how people can become their own solution." Damian Amamoo, January 2020


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