Prawn Cocktail

Serves 4

Everybody secretly loves a classic prawn salad. There is something retro in this dish that appeals to memories of first trying prawns - served cold with a tangy, salty mayonnaise. Bitton Spiced Mayonnaise is a blend of a taditional whole egg mayonnaise with the added taste of cognac and cayenne pepper.


16 cooked, peeled and deveined prawns

4 radicchio leaves, washed and trimmed

½ iceberg lettuce, finely shredded

4 tablespoons of Bitton Spiced Mayonnaise

1 lemon, cut into eighths


On each serving plate, place a radicchio leaf cup.  Divide the shredded iceberg lettuce evenly among the radicchio cups and arrange four prawns on top.  Spoon over the Bitton Spiced Mayonnaise and serve with lemon wedges.