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Service In The Global Financial Crisis

7 August 2009

As a business owner in the GFC, the question I am asked the most is how we are being affected. I feel incredibly lucky to answer that we are doing well and that to date, although we are aware and cautious of what is going on, we feel that our business is as strong as ever. I would like to think that a great deal of this is down to service ... I am constantly at my staff to maintain an excellent quality of service in all aspects of our business. It fascinates me that businesses feel that they can get through these tough economic times without it.

Bastille Day

23 July 2009

On July 14th France celebrate the storm of the Bastille in 1789. We celebrate this very important national holiday in the Cafe & Grocer every year with a special menu. This year we went one step further and hosted a dinner. Guests enjoyed a fabulous menu of classic French dishes such as Cassolette d’Escargot and Sole Meuniere all while being entertained by a accordionist and served by beret-clad waiters.

Cooking With Miss Universe

23 July 2009

David recently had the pleasure of meeting Miss Universe Australia, Rachael Finch as she was looking to expand her culinary knowledge. With her sister in tow, the girls enjoyed private classes with David. He demonstrated such skills as how the cook the perfect steak, a simple pasta dish and a basic risotto. This was followed by a visit the next morning to our local Eveleigh Markets where David helped her buy beautiful produce for a lunch she was cooking for her family that day.

New Zealand Sales Trip

23 July 2009

David’s chilly visit to New Zealand in mid June was a great success. With an itinerary put together by our distributors – The Herb & Spice Mill, he conducted cooking demonstrations around Auckland and Wellington. He can be seen here at the beautiful Farro Fresh store in Mount Wellington cooking with his range of products.

Special Dinners

22 July 2009

Don’t forget that we are open at the Cafe and Grocer for dinner every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night from 6pm to 9pm. Come and enjoy a relaxed dinner in a casual atmosphere with a delicious menu and daily specials. We also hold regular special themed dinners and degustation nights – please join our database to hear more about these.

Three Of Life's Essentials

2 July 2009

Masterclass for the Food Media

16 June 2009

Pear Industry Event

29 May 2009

For the past two years David has been a proud ambassador for the Pear Industry. He recently hosted and cooked for the season launch. In three separate events, some of Australia’s leading food writers and journalists were treated to a delicious array of pear varieties and recipes. Put together by Impact Communications, the events were a huge success.

Commsec Entrepreneur Series

14 May 2009

Culinary Memories

13 May 2009