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How does one measure success?

2 June 2010

In light of 2010 being our tenth year in business, I have been thinking ... how do you measure success? Surely keeping a cafe running several years is a success, especially since many new businesses don’t even last a year. I am not sure how success is meant to feel and if you actually know when you have reached it.

Bitton Cafe featured on Sydney Weekender

8 April 2010

Giving a little something back...

24 March 2010

When Bitton opened 10 years ago I promised myself I would always give back to the community that supported me from the beginning. Many of our local customers have frequented the Cafe almost daily, keeping my business up and supporting me. In return, I strive to find ways to give back, or at least, to balance my karma.

From a good business, good relationships grow

12 February 2010

“We've met some lovely people in the cafe who we have made and maintained great friendships with, and these relationships have grown and blossomed even away from the café. The cafe has created a little community made up of all sorts of locals who take an interest in each other and enjoy catching up over coffee. We enjoy coming to Bitton, a place that feels like home away from home. We always attend the degustation dinners with a group of people we met at Bitton Gourmet, who we now call our friends.” Quoted from one of the locals

Bitton Celebrates Its 10th Year Anniversary In 2010

20 January 2010

Bitton Gourmet was created from a little dream my wife Sohani and I had, of running a small café, something we could call our own. We were both at the peak of our corporate careers when we decided to give it all up and start afresh.

Social Media

18 November 2009

What’s so social about social media?

I have been asking myself this for some time now. Social media seems to have taken over the world. The reality is you cannot ignore it. Hundred’s of millions of people are involved in this new craze that is just a few years old. It’s also fun – that’s why Facebook and YouTube are worth billions.


16 October 2009


What a remarkable destination for a conference.

I have recently returned from the EO Barcelona University, a Conference for members of the Entrepreneurs Organisation. The theme of the conference was Design your life: You have to create your own journey, not copy others’. To me this conference was so powerful and makes me genuinely want to improve every aspect of my life.
The conference was about engaging leading entrepreneurs to learn, grow and succeed on the personal, business and global stage.

Family Food Fortune

10 September 2009

I would like to express how important family and friends are and how important it is to always stay in touch and let those important people know you care.

Victor Churchill Fine Family Butchers
Recently I was invited to attend the opening of Victor Churchill Fine Family Butchers in Woollahra NSW.

Jordan Belfort
Being a member of The Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) I have been fortunate enough to listen to many motivational speakers.

Bollywood Dinner

8 September 2009

On September 1st 2009 Bitton Gourmet tapped into the Indian Influence of David's In-laws and held a special dinner Event, Bollywood style.

Service In The Global Financial Crisis

7 August 2009

As a business owner in the GFC, the question I am asked the most is how we are being affected. I feel incredibly lucky to answer that we are doing well and that to date, although we are aware and cautious of what is going on, we feel that our business is as strong as ever. I would like to think that a great deal of this is down to service ... I am constantly at my staff to maintain an excellent quality of service in all aspects of our business. It fascinates me that businesses feel that they can get through these tough economic times without it.