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Memories Jammed Into Jars

27 July 2011

Fans of Bitton give a knowing nod when I talk about my culinary memories from around the world that have been captured in little jars. Every encounter with food has organically moulded my approach to the Bitton branded product range.

A French Toast to 20 Years in Australia

3 June 2011

When I was a little boy, I used to follow my mum into the kitchen and that’s where the magic happened. The sounds were like a live orchestra to my ears as the jam bubbled, releasing air pockets through the thick fruity surface.

taste, events and Functions Kick start March

17 March 2011

Taste Food and Wine Festival has continued to be a fantastic event for Bitton, where we gave out more crepes than ever before, sold out of our wonder jam the Strawberry and Vanilla, and had record sales on our Black Olive Tapenade, all in all a huge increase on last year.

David's Top 5 cookbooks from his 501 collection

3 February 2011

David Bitton has 501 cookbooks; one in his collection being his own. He is as obsessed with cookbooks as he is about being French. We asked Mr Bitton to give us his top 5, either ones that have inspired him or that he feels are crucial to becoming a successful chef. Below are his recommendations from his own collection.

Thank You and Happy Christmas

23 December 2010

Christmas is finally here and it’s the end of yet another year!
And what a year it has been. The 31st Dec marks for us the end of our anniversary of a decade, and 2011 is now the beginning of what we hope will be the start of yet another 10 good years of the Bitton Café.
The exiting news for Bitton in 2011…..

The best news…you can now order your coffee by TEXT!!! Yes that’s right, now you don’t even have to communicate with us (except to say your name and pay – but we probably know your name!) all you have to do is TEXT this number 0466453725 and send us your order. All will be done in 5mins from the time of sending the text (unless you specify a time.)

Kochie's Business Builders with David Bitton

15 December 2010

Remembering the Highs

12 November 2010

After a pretty stressful year that included some significant lows, it is a true pleasure to be reminded of the highs and the achievements that get so quickly lost in life’s daily dramas.
This is not to say that 2010 has not been an incredible year for me. I have , of course, all a chef could wish for… my very own cook book, published and now available in all good book stores! But the year has not really been about the final product; rather the journey producing the book – it has been unbelievable.

China and the Cookbook

18 August 2010

Well, where do I start? What an experience!

I had no idea what to expect from China– my perception was that it is the most powerful country in the world, has the largest population in the world, is the number one for technology, yes?

Cream or Ice Cream?

7 July 2010

Life is full of choices we have to make – most of them not nearly as easy as this one!

As the quote goes, ‘it’s the choices we make not the chances we take that determine our destiny.’ I tend to agree with this, yet it is certainly not the easy option.

Chances come along very rarely and of course we must take them when they do, but they don’t normally require nearly as much thought as a choice that has to be made.

How does one measure success?

2 June 2010

In light of 2010 being our tenth year in business, I have been thinking ... how do you measure success? Surely keeping a cafe running several years is a success, especially since many new businesses don’t even last a year. I am not sure how success is meant to feel and if you actually know when you have reached it.