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Partnering for Success in Business

24 July 2015

I’ve read of several business partnerships ending in not such pleasant circumstances lately and it makes me wonder what the ultimate fall out will be for those businesses as well as the innocent staff and suppliers inevitably wrapped up in it. 

Meat and three veg? Add a little something exotic please ...

21 May 2015

Coming into my 24th year as a Frenchman living in this beautiful country, I have enjoyed immensely witnessing the changing culture – particularly in cookery and even more prominently, in the Australian palate.

A personal tribute to Tetsuya ...

22 March 2015

I recently read the fabulous article celebrating Tetsuya Wakuda’s Lifetime Achievement Award by Franz Scheurer in one of my favourite online newsletters - Australian Gourmet Pages. It moved me to pen my own tribute to a ground breaking, game changing chef that has remained humble despite all the accolades he has received over his career spanning more than 30 years.

The year ahead and the year that has been (almost) ...

19 November 2014


I recently had the great honour of being invited to the NSW Australian of the Year Awards at the MCA. As a Frenchman who arrived here little more than two decades ago, with a lot of enthusiasm and not much else, it was a proud moment to find myself in such distinguished company.  I met business owners and entrepreneurs from all sectors. They all have incredible stories, admirable success and a hunger to make a difference. I felt humbled to be amongst them...

A mother's gift

18 September 2014

We can all refer back to the various advice and skills that our mother’s have given us – life skills that have ultimately shaped us.  There are always a few that continue to influence us, particularly when you start to build your own family.  For David … it was the gift of cookery.

Food & Wine Matching Series: Veal & Kumera Tart

26 August 2014

Food & Wine Matching Series: Beef Casserole

26 August 2014

What is a Foodie?

10 July 2014