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The Beauty and the Chef

6 March 2019

I first met Rachael Finch in 2009 when she entered a competition at Bitton. She won a private cooking class with me! How lucky am I?! Coincidently Rachael was in the midst of preparing for Celebrity Masterchef and she is a self confessed 'foodie'. On the back of the #tenyearchallenge we thought it would be fun to revisit that time and ask Rachael a few questions about her food journey so far. 

2018 Bitton Wrap Up – 12 highlights in 12 months

12 December 2018

And just like that another year has passed!  It was a year of hitting milestones and we are ready for a HUGE 2019. Take a look at our month by month 2018 wrap up and make sure you send us your Bitton wish list for next year!

Japan - A Country of Contrasts

7 September 2018

As a chef, Japan was a country I longed to visit. I was and still am amazed at their knife skills and simple but fresh food. Since 2018 is a BIG year for birthdays  - I am turning 50 this year (I know I look so young) and my mother-in-law is turning 70, we thought let’s do a family trip to Japan to celebrate these milestones.

Japan has been one country that I have not heard one bad word about. Actually on the contrary, people of all cultures rave about this country - mindfulness, food, temples, beauty, trains, organisation, markets, skiing and the list goes on.  As you can imagine the bar was set very high for us!

So did it meet our expectations?……. Well read on and find out!

Putting the bon in bonza mate: the Australian fascination for all things French

6 June 2018

Has anyone else noticed Australia's current fascination with all things French?  Our guest blogger is Matilda Marseillaise, a French woman living in Australia who regularly keeps us informed about anything French happening in our city. Who better to discuss why it is that we are so intrigued by French culture.

8 Positive Eating Habits for Kids to try before you Die (of frustration)

7 March 2018

Children’s eating habits are one of the most talked about topics amongst parents and one of the most frustrating. Agreed?! So why is it all so hard? Why can’t we get children to try new things? Where are we going wrong?

A year in a typical day with Mr Bitton

1 December 2017

So what does the crazy Frenchman, father, husband, entrepreneur, author, restauranteur (have we missed anything?) do in his day?  We asked him and quickly realised that his day pretty much sums up the year. Take a look ...

Serendipity and Resilience – why I wrote my autobiography

6 September 2017

“By sharing my story with those close to me, I wanted to help them better understand me – where I grew up, how I was raised, who my family is or was, what I’d endeavoured and overcome, and how I came to be where I am today.”

SBS Small Business Secrets

5 July 2017

David was honoured to be invited to be part of the EOFY Business Forum aired on SBS Small Business Secrets in Sunday 2nd July.  Click through to watch and we would love to hear your thoughts!

Watch the full episode here

Guest Blogger - Georgie Watts from The Window Seat

6 June 2017

Georgie Watts, our guest blogger is never not scheming, plotting and planning for her next trip. She is always day dreaming of unique destinations & experiences.

Georgie LOVES AUSTRALIA, and is determined to see as much of it as possible… she also loves many other places, that are not Australia!

She is excited by cultural experiences, by food, sights and smells! Georgie is also mum to two junior frequent flyers, Wolfie and Kinga and her all time favourite travel companion is her love, Merrick.

Click through to enjoy Georgie's account of all things KIDS and FOOD and make sure you follow her continuous adventures here on Instagram

Thanks Georgie! x


SBS Small Business Secrets feat. Bitton

12 April 2017

On ANZAC Day of 1991, David Bitton left his homeland France and arrived on Sydney’s shores in search of better opportunities. Food was his passion, so it was natural that the first place he would job hunt was at the fine-dining establishment The Treasury at the prestigious Intercontinental Hotel. Despite not speaking a word of English, he was successful and used an electronic language translator to get by.

Not only did David kickstart his fine-dining career at The Treasury, but he also met the love of his life there.