About us

It all started with a jar of Strawberry and Vanilla Jam, made to a recipe lovingly passed down from Grandmother to Grandson.

About Bitton

It was in the household kitchen of David Bitton and his wife Sohani that a unique range of gourmet products was lovingly created. It all started with the now famous Strawberry and Vanilla Jam, originally made to meet the demand of locals who frequented their little café down the road. Overnight success was met with demand for more products and so the range of ‘Bitton’ products was born. Inspiration for the range was derived from various influences; David’s French childhood and training, his grandfather’s Moroccan heritage and Sohani’s South African Indian background.

From its humble beginnings the range has grown exponentially, now including more than a dozen products that are sold in over 300 carefully selected fine food stores both locally and internationally. That little café down the road is the now the iconic Bitton Gourmet Cafe & Grocer in Alexandria where the range is showcased in a spectacular display.

The intent behind the range has always been to offer customers the ability to create restaurant quality meals at home, without endless fuss and preparation. With that in mind each product is carefully prepared using a wonderful array of 100% natural ingredients.

Bitton Gourmet Cafe & Grocer offers a fabulous ever changing menu blending modern Australian and French cuisine and is open for Breakfast and Lunch every day and Dinner from Wednesday to Friday. The Grocer offers locals not only the convenience of selling good quality everyday items but also a hand selected array of gourmet products from Australia and overseas. A kid’s room offers parents a well deserved break, the atmosphere is friendly and the level of service award winning.


The vision

Each year, Bitton continues to strive to be the best local cafe in the community providing quality food using the freshest produce and our own unique flavours. Our mission is to build on the personality and brand that is Bitton Gourmet, making it the most recognisable, both in Australia and internationally.

Our three year plan will see the launch and completion of many new projects. We hope to have two new Bitton Cafe & Grocers up and running in similar communities. Each will be strongly linked to our flagship store in Alexandria. The stores will be built around a dedicated team with efficient systems in place to ensure excellence in service and product. They will have a strong emphasis on supporting the local community in which they are located. This will include local charities, employing local residents and working with other businesses in the area.

The Bitton product range will be seen in over 300 fine food stores nationally and our export profile will increase to be present in over ten countries. We will continue to offer effective sales and marketing support to our selected stockists, distributors and representatives.

This is our vision and our mission over the next three years. With the help of our valued management team, employees, suppliers and service providers we hope to achieve success whilst ensuring that our philosophy of providing quality, consistency and excellence in everything we do is upheld at all times.

David Bitton
Managing Director

Giving Back to the Community

Bitton Gourmet has a strong emphasis on supporting the local community in which the Cafe is located. We are regularly involved in charities, employ local residents wherever possible and work closely with other businesses in the area.

Outside of Bitton... David Bitton is... 

  • on the partnership council of the Chris O'Brien LifeHouse for Cancer Research and Treatment at RPA.
  • honoured to be an Australian Day Ambasssador in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016
  • a proud member of the invitation only Global Entrepreneurs' Organisation.
  • the Family Room Ambassador for the Ronald McDonald House in Randwick.