We are very excited to announce David Bitton as the face of the stylish, forward thinking kitchen appliance company Kleenmaid. The brand was relaunched last night at the Kleenmaid showroom in Alexandria following a series of exclusive video invitations presented by David Bitton. The video invitations were sent to representatives of the food and lifestyle media in print and radio. The recipients were introduced to the world first Elevator Oven and were asked which brand they think is responsible for such innovation.

As guests arrived from 6pm last night, they were served canapés prepared by David Bitton and Head Chef Stuart Masters.

The menu included Chevre Mousse with Honeyed Mushrooms and Radish served on Chinese spoons; Chorizo on Manchego Shortbread with Roast Garlic Aioli; Foie Gras en Croute with Apple Sauterne Jelly; Tartlette of Creamed Fennel and Scallop with Shaved Truffle.

A selection of canapés were cooked in front of guests to showcase the versatile Kleenmaid appliance range. The Goujonette of Poisson were cooked in the deep fryer and served with Lemon Parsley and Bitton Sauce Marie Rose. The prawns were cooked on the grill and finished with a Chilli Garlic Masala Butter and fresh coriander. In the oven were Mini Beef Burgundy Pies with Sour Cream Pastry and simmering on the induction cooktop was the White Bean Soup served with Basil Oil in a shot glass.

David Bitton told guests the story of how he “simply had to have Kleenmaid appliances installed in the kitchen at home” due to the sleek appearance and state-of-the-art-features. “I have 2 children so I feel safe using the induction top when they’re in the kitchen while I’m cooking. If I take a pot off and they put their hand on the stove top they won’t get burnt” David said.

During the live demonstration, Kleenmaid Product Specialist Michael Hamilton wowed guests with a roast chicken that had been cooking in the steam oven. “It can automatically calculate the cooking time and alternates between roasting and steaming so you end up with a perfectly juicy yet golden and crispy bird. The overall cooking time is also reduced. For a 1.9kg chicken it took 1 hour where traditionally it might take 1 hour and 45 minutes once you include time for the oven to reach the desired temperature” said Michael.

The CEO of Kleenmaid, Danny Hamilton, spoke about being a customer Kleenmaid himself when he heard over the radio that the company had gone into receivership. “Everyone shared the same belief that the product was brilliant and reliable so it was a shame to see the brand go under. Now we are ensuring that Kleenmaid appliances are still accessible and continue to push the boundaries in technology and convenience. Right now we are working on a self-dosing washing machine based on commercial models and using my knowledge gained from over 20 years of running an international chemical manufacturing company. It’s very exciting” said Danny.

Danny Hamilton then unveiled the Elevator Oven that featured in the video invitations and explained how it has changed people’s lives. “Regular ovens pose challenges for some people with disabilities or physical limitations. Being able to put food in and out of an oven at bench level improves these people’s independence and lifestyle and we’re proud to be a part of that. Imagine not being able to open an oven door or having hot steam directed at your face – the elevator oven is the perfect solution” said Danny.

Anyone who correctly guessed and attended last night’s exclusive cocktail party went into the draw to win a Chef’s Table hosted by David Bitton for themself and 9 friends. Everyone was gathered around as Sally Hammond, renowned food journalist and author was announced as the winner.

Mini Mango and Strawberry Mess’s with Meringue and Passionfruit Cream were the sweet ending to a fantastic evening as conversations sparked around the new Elevator Oven and Kleenmaids vision to excel.

There are many projects planned to take place over the next 12 months between Bitton and Kleenmaid. We look forward to sharing more about this with you all soon.

For more information about the Kleenmaid appliances, please visit

To arrange an appointment, please call Kleenmaid Consultant Dale Stephens
on 02 9310 1207.

The showroom is located at
Level 2, 204 Botany Rd
Alexandria, NSW 2015

David Bitton

Posted on 23rd February 2012


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